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Harvest Rain, Save Money

We design and install efficient collection systems to capture rainwater from your roof. This free, natural resource can be used for watering your lawn, washing your car, or even flushing toilets.

What is a Rain Barrel?

A Rain Barrel is a simple rain water collector that is connected to the downspouts of your homes rain guttering system, connecting to the downspout with a rain diverter or fitting under a modified downspout. A spigot or hose connector lets you drain the water for use around your landscape. Rainwater harvesting provides an alternative to using municipal water or well water for irrigation. Plants benefit from water that’s free of the chemicals and minerals in tap water. Rain barrels can reduce the volume of runoff entering the storm sewer, keeping pesticides, fertilizer and other chemicals out of nearby bodies of water.
Top Fed Rain Barrels
Top fed rain barrels have an opening at the top that is the most simple to tie into. The rain gutter downspout can be installed directly over the top and doesn’t require any special attachments. You can purchase a top fed barrel with or without a screen to keep leaves and debris out, some barrels even come with a planter at the top giving your barrel that aesthetic look and added character.
Side Fed Rain Barrels
Side Fed Rain Barrels can be attached to any rain gutter downspout by using a simple diverter kit. A diverter kit is a device specifically designed to stop the flow of water going into the barrel once it becomes full. When the barrel is full the diverter will shut off and the rain water will simply flow through the downspout like it would normally. The diverter kit can come in 2×3 or 3×4 to accommodate for your downspout size.
Designer Rain Barrels
Conserve and collect rain water in style with a variety of beautiful rain barrels to choose from. There are lots of attractive options out there that can become a part of your garden design, or an interesting element on your patio. Not only are they functional but they can really make an aesthetic statement when added alongside your new rain gutter system.
Rain Water Collection Tanks
Collection tanks are large storage tanks that collect rainwater from the roofs of houses, barns, businesses and many other applications. They only differ from rain barrels in their size, and can collect thousands of gallons of water annually. Though Texas receives significant annual rainfall, our summers can be humid and dry. Collection tanks are an easy, multi-beneficial way to help protect your property and provide a free and abundant source of water for your outdoor uses.

Why Install a Rain Barrel or Rain Water Collection tank?

There are many benefits to harvesting and collecting rain water with barrels and tanks.
Cut your household use of water during the hot and humid summer months
Water your plants with chlorine free rain water which they would prefer
Use it to keep your garden ponds and water features full during the hotter months
Reduces pollution to local water ways.
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Black Rain Chain
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Copper Rain Gutter Chain

Conserve Water, Enhance Your Home: The Benefits of Rain Barrels and Rain Chains

Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions has you covered

The purpose of rain water barrels or rain water collection tanks is to collect water either from roofs or downspouts. Several benefits come with both of these options, which include conserving water, reducing the amount of water that flows from your property, and having access to chemical-free water to use on your plants and lawn.

Rain water barrels are connected to your downspout, which can be either with a rain diverter or under a modified downspout. They will come with a hose or a spigot to make it easier for you to use the water around your landscaping. Are you tired of witnessing your grass turn brown due to drought-related restrictions? This is the perfect option for your lawn and plants to thrive without wasting water. The water collected from your rain water barrel is free from pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, and you’re utilizing natural resources. Rain water barrels are incredibly versatile, and there are a lot of style options out there to choose from.

A rain chain is a decorative and functional alternative to a traditional rain gutter downspout. Designed to visibly guide rainwater down from your roof to the ground, rain chains turn your rain gutter downspout into a lovely and unique water feature. They not only add a decorative touch to your home but also add the pleasing sound of water trickling down softly or the soothing sound of water rushing by.

Designer Rain Barrels: Beauty Meets Functionality

Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions can help

There’s a rain water barrel out there that will fit the look and aesthetic you’re going for. One type of barrel is a side fed rain barrel. You can attach any rain gutter downspout to a side fed rain barrel with a simple diverter kit. When your barrel is full, the diverter is designed to shut off, and the downspout will work as it typically does. A top fed rain barrel receives water through an opening on the top of the barrel.

This barrel doesn’t require any particular attachments, as your rain gutter downspout can be installed over top of your barrel. Another option is designer barrels. Designer barrels are the perfect addition if you’re looking for the benefits that a rain water barrel provides while also adding a decorative element to your landscaping. They are both attractive and functional.

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Luxury Rain Barrel
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Designer Rain Barrel

Install Rainwater Collection & Go Green Now!

Conserve water and reduce your reliance on municipal resources with a rainwater collection system from Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions! Get a free quote today and experience the benefits of sustainable living!

Large Metal Rain Water Collection Tank
Large Rain Water Barrel Collection
Large Rain Water Collection Barrels

Large Rainwater Collection Tanks for Big Properties

Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions has you covered

Rain water collection tanks are as the name implies. They are big storage tanks that collect water from larger buildings like businesses, barns, and homes. They serve the same purpose as rain water barrels but are a lot bigger. Your lawn no longer needs to suffer or wither away during the summer since the weather is typically dry and hot. Rain water collection tanks are the perfect way to gather water when it rains and use it when your lawn and plants are looking parched. Rain water collection tanks provide unlimited benefits and will allow you to help the planet while saving money in the process.


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