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Save Your Fascia, Boost Curb Appeal

Our expert installation of durable aluminum wraps shields your fascia from the elements, preventing rot and decay. Fascia wraps also come in a variety of styles and colors to complement your home’s existing design and boost its curb appeal.

What is a Fascia Wrap or Fascia Covering?

Fascia Wrapping, also known as Cladding, is simply Wrapping metal around your existing fascia board and Gables. Fascia is the vertical board that runs along the eaves of your home and is where the rain gutters are attached. This board is commonly wrapped in metal and the wrap is also known as a fascia wrap and has several benefits for protecting your home. They will protect the fascia board from the weather elements which can cause them to rot out requiring a very costly repair bill. Trying to paint fascia boards can be quite expensive and can be a challenge since the rain gutter is in the way. Once installed, it will protect the soffits and your home against water damage and depending on the quality of the fascia and the weather conditions where you live.
Low Maintenance
One of the biggest advantages of having an aluminum fascia wrap is that it offers reliable protection against water damage and does not need any regular maintenance.
The Appeal
Aluminum fascia wraps come in several different styles, a nearly unlimited color selection, and if properly installed can provide a clean consistent look to your home. The color of the aluminum may be applied as a vinyl coating so that it will match vinyl siding and soffits.

Installing a Fascia Wrap alongside a new rain gutter system will add a protective layer that can help shield your roofs fascia boards from the unexpected Texas weather. A professionally installed wrap can help protect the exterior structure of your home, helping to guard against unwanted mold growth, wildlife infestations and structural damage from wind and water damage. We can help design the best sheet metal solutions to complement any home or business style. Speak with one of our ASRGS representatives to schedule your Free Fascia Wrap Quote!

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Fascia Wraps: Protect Your Home's Framework

Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions has you covered

It’s not uncommon for the importance of fascia boards to go unnoticed until an issue arises. Fascia is the longboard that’s attached to your gutters. It adds stability and support to your home’s framework. It’s the attachment point for downspouts and gutters. While it has an important job of maintaining the integrity of your home, it also is a big focal point of your home. It’s important that it looks its best. Instead of trying to paint your fascia, we highly recommend fascia wraps. Fascia wraps or cladding is metal that’s wrapped around your fascia to protect your home and soffits from water damage and to keep them safe from harsh weather elements. For reliable fascia wrap installation services, Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions is a company you can trust.

Fascia wraps are relatively low maintenance. To promote longevity, long-term protection, and to maintain its look, you should clean it regularly. It can easily be cleaned with mild soap and a cloth or soft-bristled brush. We also suggest that you have your fascia wrap inspected twice a year to look for any type of damage and to have it fixed right away to avoid more extensive damage from occurring.

Simple Fascia Wrap Installation Process

Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions can help

There are a few different options as far as what kind of material you should use. The two most popular are aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum is used because it’s incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. Even though vinyl is lightweight and cost-effective, vinyl isn’t able to withstand harsh weather elements like aluminum can. This is why aluminum has become a go-to option. The process of installing your aluminum fascia wrapping is straightforward and will be a simple process for you. The first step is to remove any gutters or downspouts that are attached to the fascia boards. The fascia board covers should be cut following the dimensions of the home. Lastly, the wrap is stretched and secured. You can trust that your service will be completed professionally, promptly, and done right the first time around.

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Protect Your Fascia & Save Money Now!

Prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your fascia boards with a durable fascia wrap. Get a free quote today and invest in your home’s future!

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Fascia Wraps: Protection, Beauty, Affordability

Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions has you covered

Are you looking to protect your fascia? Fascia wraps are the answer. It improves the curb appeal of your fascia, keeps it well-protected, and it’s inexpensive. You just need it to be installed correctly to reap the benefits. Advanced Seamless Rain Gutter Solutions is the right company to have on your side. To learn more about the fascia wraps we offer, make sure you call us today!

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